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With unparalleled dedication to our clients and a distinctive approach to each client’s matter, we ensure you get satisfaction from your decision to choose our firm. Our goal is to obtain for you every benefit available to you at law and to help resolve your matter in the most efficient manner. This is why we are “your legal advantage”.


We have served our clients for years with adept tenacity and dedication at all levels of court in British Columbia – Provincial, Supreme and Court of Appeal. We have been successful in most of our litigations and obtained many favourable outcomes for our clients. We have represented clients in simple and complex matters that have required that we be adroit at marshalling our clients’ cases to align with the law for favourable outcome. Our history speaks for us.


When we work with you, you benefit from our:
• Attention to detail
• Commitment to doing our best for our clients
• Dedication to our clients
• Decent treatment of our clients
• Profound knowledge of the law
• Friendly environment

What Our Clients Say

Our clients testify to the welcoming environment you will find at Astute Legal.

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What Our Clients Say


Competent lawyer. Will recommend in a heartbeat. She was thorough, transparent and upfront.

Very Professional and Authentic

Ronke is very professional and authentic, she really cares about her clients. This lawyer is extremely organized and emphatic to the case. She helped me to build confidence while prepared me for an audience. She kept me informed all the time, very approachable. She helped me to see my strongest arguments and weaknesses. She goes to the point and brings a fresh perspective to your mind. She has remarkable negotiating skills. She made a win-win outcome of a very nasty situation, by doing her work both of the parts were very civil and respectful of each other, trying to avoid as much as possible any more conflict. Your opposition won’t stand a chance with her, she is not kidding. I sleep very well at night and I can’t thank her enough for that! I’m very grateful for her service and I recommend her without reservation !

Absolutely Amazing

Ronke is absolutely amazing at what she does. I went from seeing my daughter 6 hours a week to now having my daughter in my care and living with me full time. Ronke was very polite and she took the extra time to explain things to me that i did not really understand that well the first time. I would absolutely trully 10000000000% recomend Ronke as a Lawyer for everyone she is tat amazing and talented. Keep rocking it Ronke, Thanks so much for all your help and hard work on my case!!!! I rated Ronke the way i did cause she is truly honestly deserves it, she is a beautiful down to earth willing to help others and a very sweet lady..Ronke does her job extremely well and right but she also does it with lots of care attention and love! thanks again, i am finally able to be the other that i have ALWAYS WANTED TO BE.


Ronke is a amazing lawyer she can handle very difficult court cases she has an amazing heart and thinks about what’s best for the child and fights for the children I would recommen her to anyone I know who wants a honest trustworthy lawyer who is a shark in the court room and shuts down unreasonable things that other lawyers want.

Competent, Transparent, and Honest

A competent, transparent, and honest lawyer. She builds her cases based on facts, while refraining to use questionable winning tactics. Ronke works towards what is in the children’s best interest. She will shut down any unreasonable requests and/or behaviour that the opposing party may present. She has a good attention to detail; and will use relevant based evidence to help win your case. I definitely recommend her.

Very Professional and Fair

Ronke is a very professional and fair lawyer. She really cares about what is in the best interest of the child. Her communication and response times are excellent, most times I’d get same day responses. Even during covid when almost all court activities shut down she kept me informed about the upcoming legal steps once court reopened. She took the extra time to really perfect my case. She went the extra mile for me and had the best outcome for my matter. I would absolutely recommend Ronke to anyone. She is lovely and professional.

Very Knowledgeable

Ronke Is a very knowledgeable lawyer who listens to you and works with you to find solutions that are fair and work with your situation. Always has great communication and responds in a respectful amount of time. I have had the pleaser of working with her for over a year and never felt like my issues were a waste of time.

Powerful Support

Ronke has been a powerful support through my separation and custody negotiations. Not only is she very knowledgeable to offer advice, she is also graceful and diplomatic in handling sensitive matters. I’m SO grateful to have Ronke’s wisdom during such an emotional and difficult process. She is understanding and compassionate, yet professional and precise with the case evidence. Her timely response and clear communication to deal with matters effectively has helped mitigate the discord between my co-parent and I. I would recommend Ronke to anyone looking for a fair and tough Lawyer.


Ronke is an outstanding lawyer. She was very helpful in the support and success of my case. She is Professional and knowledgeable as well as highly respected within her profession. I greatly appreciated working with her.


Ronke is amazing – she really cares about the files she takes. Ronke is patient, understanding and very intelligent. Ronke does not waste your with unnecessary meetings, emails or phone calls – she is direct and to the point. Her professionalism is amazing and her skills in the court room are outstanding. Thank you Ronke!

Above and Beyond

I rated as well as I did because she had went above and beyond for me.

Great Personality

Great personality and amazing when dealing with family law issues.

Smart and Caring

Ronke is a very smart and caring person and Lawyer. I drove her crazy with all my input and fit’s of fear and anxiety.She calmed me down and took the time to share with me what she was doing about my case. We won my case and changed my life for ever and for good. I can’t thank her enough. Thank you forever Mary H.

Mary H.


Ronke is a very professional lawyer and will advocate for you and will not let opposing parties to push you around or persuade you into agreeing to anything you do not accept. Ronke is proactive and gets the proper filings done and deals with things in a timely manner. Ronke communicates and explains things you are unsure of very well and she helps to put any questions you may have surrounding your case to rest. Ronke is very honest and straight to the point and she will fight for the best interests of you and your child. I highly recommend Ronke as a lawyer and I am so very thankful for her help with my case. My case was as stress-free as I could possibly wish for it to be, For it being a family law matter. A big credit for that is because of the lawyer I have representing my case. Thank you Ronke for the extremely proactive and professional lawyer that you are and for taking on my case. I could not have found a better lawyer than you, thank you again.

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